Roaring Fork Valley President

Krista Klees

Vail Valley President

Matt Fitzgerald

Groundbreakers at heart. Coloradans in soul.

Summit County President

Chris Lankhorst

Front Range President

Orly Ripmaster

Each of us plays a unique role in the larger story of Colorado.

Chief Executive Officer

Jason Cole

Executive Vice President

Shawna Topor

We’re fully invested in the people of Colorado and the growth of our communities.

Managing Director, Boulder

Joel Ripmaster

Vice President of Finance

Amy Greer

Real estate is our category. But Colorado is our passion.

Vice President of Marketing

Sara Roberts

Vice President of Operations

Jill Dorr

We share a unique bond for the business that we love and the purpose that we live.

Vice President of Broker Development

Camilla Affelin

Broker Experience

Didi Doolittle

Our company combines the strength of people, place, and ambition to help each of us express the Colorado lifestyle — and contribute to it.

Director of Marketing and Development Sales

Tori Lord