Vice President of Marketing

Sara Roberts

“Vail is more than a ski town. It’s a real community.”

Sara Roberts first came to Vail when she was 22. She didn’t know much about Colorado or skiing, but once she saw that view and met the people of Vail Valley, she was hooked. Sara was struck by how Vail was more than just a ski town, and instead a robust, year-round community.

Why is it important to you to work for a locally focused real estate company?

I like that I know the company’s leaders personally. And I can communicate with them directly if I have an idea. I see their vision and their passion for this community. And that goes for everyone I work with. We work hard together, and we’re all friends, too. That’s why I’ve been here for almost 20 years now. It’s something you don’t find everywhere.

What’s your favorite Colorado spot?

Sylvan Lake. I like to paddleboard on the lake with my kids — and solo. It’s very peaceful out there. And that peacefulness helps me restore balance when life gets hectic. It connects me to nature. And it refills my cup, so to speak.

Is there a local cause that is important to you?

Eagle County Animal Shelter and Rifle Animal Shelter. They both do wonderful things for our community. Their facilities are amazing, and they’re so great at what they do. I’ve gotten a few rescues from them over the years. My first was Bruce, a Pitbull mix. I was looking for a breed of dog that I’d feel protected by. But Bruce was not much of a protector! He was a big love sponge. A year later, I got Penny, a Collie mix. And she’s an excellent hiking companion. Life is so much better with our four-legged friends!

Sara's Colorado Calling