Vice President of Finance

Amy Greer

“This company shares the values I was raised with as a Coloradan.”

Amy Greer was born and raised in the Vail Valley by parents who moved here in the 1960s. Amy moved away to attend college and see the world, but after stints in Chicago and Los Angeles, the mountains called to her. And Amy came back full force, starting a family and getting involved in her community like never before. Said Amy, “I can’t imagine a better place to raise your kids. This community is incredible and so supportive. And you really see it in times of need. Everyone pulls together in every way possible to rally around each other. It’s just a great place to be.”

Why is it important to you to work for a locally focused real estate company?

I grew up here in the Vail Valley. So I feel deeply connected to my community. By working with a local company, I feel that connection every day. I’ve known most of the people at Slifer Smith & Frampton for my entire life. I know they’re deeply rooted. And I know this company shares the values I was raised with as a Coloradan.

What’s your favorite Colorado spot?

The Back Bowls of Vail Mountain. Nothing makes you feel more alive than the wind in your face and the Mount of the Holy Cross at your back. Getting that fresh air, feeling your legs burning — it reminds you why you live out here. It really recharges me.

Is there a local cause that is important to you?

I’m really involved in my kid’s schools here in the Eagle County school district. In fact, I’m the president of their school board! In any community, schools are so important. So whether it’s volunteering in the classroom or out on field trips, that’s where I like to spend my time. Educating young people, getting them out to learn about Colorado history, supporting our teachers…it means a lot to me.

Amy's Colorado Calling