Director of Marketing and Development Sales

Tori Lord

“The way this company shows up for its people is incredible.”

Tori Lord is originally from Southern California, but she decided to trade in sandy beaches for snowy mountains. When Tori first came to Colorado, she only intended to stay for one ski season. But before she knew it, Colorado had become her home. And so had Slifer Smith & Frampton.

Why is it important to you to work for a locally focused real estate company?

I really like the size of our company. And leadership is right here with us. I have regular meetings with them. We’re in constant communication. If I need some advice, they’re always here for me. And that’s all because Slifer Smith & Frampton is a local company. We’re intentionally structured that way, to be connected to our people and our communities. You can see the vision firsthand. You understand the direction we’re going in. It really makes you feel like you’re a part of something special.

What’s your favorite Colorado spot?

The Colorado River in the summertime. Floating, paddle boarding, camping by the river. Just being in the water and in the sun with my friends. It’s so much fun. It makes me feel refreshed and relaxed. The sun/water combination lets me be my best self. That’s definitely my happy place.

Is there a local cause that is important to you?

Mental health is a really important issue that doesn’t always get enough attention. I think there need to be more resources available to people. So when we do our annual grant process here, I’m always a big advocate for that. Life can be tough. And donating really makes a difference in peoples’ lives. SpeakUp ReachOut is a great mental health organization here in Eagle County. They do a great job and have helped so many people. I deal with anxiety and depression myself, and therapy and mindfulness have helped me through some tough things. So I want to help everyone in our community who’s struggling get access to the resources they need.

Tori's Colorado Calling