Front Range Awards

Honoring Our Top Agents

Each year, Slifer Smith & Frampton recognizes brokers and staff who exemplify our firm’s commitment to excellence. The following are our leading brokers for 2023 both by sales volume, and our coveted Broker’s Choice Awards voted upon by our agents.

“We gathered together to mark the culmination of a remarkable year, celebrating not just the outstanding achievements that distinguish us but honoring the guiding principles of excellence, integrity, and innovation that define us. Our awards party is a testament to an amazing company—a company that stands unwavering in its principles and commitment to excellence. It’s an honor to celebrate not only what we have accomplished but how we have accomplished it. With the best agents in the business at our side, we applauded the relentless dedication and exceptional talents that have propelled us forward, reminding us that together, we are not just a team but a legacy in motion.”

Orly Ripmaster, Front Range Market President


Deborah Fowler


Philip Booth


Brad Arnold


John Jaster


Wendy Daniel


Maria Scroggs


Ed Weaver


Vivan Murciano


Candace Loving


Joni Renee


Joyce Van Gilder


Patrick Roberts


Scott Ripmaster


Mayoura Phannadeth


David Scott

Top Producers By Office

With offices across the Front Range, these agents define local real estate.

Cherry Creek

John Jaster


Philip Booth


Deborah Fowler


Brad Arnold


Maria Scroggs

Broker’s Choice Awards

The Broker’s Choice Awards are our peer awards, voted on by the agents of Slifer Smith & Frampton these are amongst our highest honors.

Slifer Award
For Team Spirit

David Scott

Smith Award
For Marketing

John Jaster

Frampton Award
For Community Service

Deborah Read Fowler

Rising Star Award

Ashley Stringer

Front Range Award

The Ingvaldsen Team

Rookie Of The Year

Dorian Bailey

Standards of Excellence Award

Philip Booth